“You can’t keep a great old schooner down!”

At 9:30 in the morning of Thursday, March 8, 2007 the schooner Lord Jim quietly slipped below the surface of the crystal-clear waters around Ilha dos Meros, Brazil…

It’s soon six years ago that the schooner LORD JIM (ex-MERIDIAN, BLUE WATER, SHOAL WATER): 72’3″ LOA John Alden-designed, Lawley-built keel schooner, 1936, hit a rock and sank in Brazil.  She was raised and taken to a shipyard where she was restored, but from there the situation deteriorated. Owners Holger Kreuzhage and Tracy Brown-Kreuzhage have remained in Brazil since then, caught up in a nightmare of a legal battle trying to get their ship free from the corrupt crock who owns the shipyard.

Lord Jim and their owners need our help to get their ship and their life back. Please, sign this petition, it’s the least we can do.

For some extended info on the whole situation, check this articles. Two parts, one written in 2010 and another from august this year.

Our ship sank off Brazil’s coast March 2007, we are still here held hostage, Part 1

Part 2


2 comments on ““You can’t keep a great old schooner down!”

  1. I believe that the Shoal Water is the schooner that we rescued from Boston in the mid-50′. The Shaol Water waas brought to the New York State Maritime College and lovingly restiored by my class and the help of the Mariutime Industry.
    We did sail her in the Bermuda Race.
    After I graduated i lost track of the old girl, but if this is the boat that was built for Mrs. Marchia Prior as a wedding present, I would like to get an update.

    Regards, Dick Lawrence

  2. Please have the Owners of the Lord Jim in Brazil contact me. I am not sure how much help I can provide, but the ex Shoal Water has a lot of following at the New York State Maritime College, and I would do my best to contact them on yiour behalf.

    Richard Lawrence

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