Unite for Peace, Tolerance and Human Dignity!

It’s sad to hear the reports on what’s going on in Mali.

Just last week we were attending a magic show with Touré Raichel Collective. It is two musicians from Mali – Ali Farka Touré’s son, Vieux, and the calabash player Souleymane Kane together with Idan Raichel and Yossi Fine, on piano and bass, from Israel. The music is great and the show was sparkling with energy that hit us like a homing missile of transcultural beauty with a respectful spiritual impact.

Different people from different backgrounds…. coming together and making beautiful music, listening to and enjoying wonderful music, respecting each and everyone and paying no special attention to whether or what each one is thinking about religious matters, and even if they would, it is all fine… we have different believes, culture and what not – thank god for that.

Since April this year, Islamic fanatics has been occupying the north of Mali, a country that is well-known for their rich and living musical tradition, with loads of skilled and talented musicians doing their own thing in a real special way.

Now the religious fascists has forced strict sharia laws on the people and banned music and culture. They are torturing people who play or listen to music, smashing instruments and world heritage sites. Taking away the people’s culture. What a crime. What a shame. I feel so much anger inside for these pitiful swine and everything that they stand for.

The widely known music festival, Festival au Désert, was first cancelled but luckily it now seems to be planned as a musical caravan instead, which is great news. In proud nomadic tradition, the caravan will go from the Sahel region and then, as they say, travel internationally until we are able to return to our homeland in peace & freedom of expression.

The caravan will go from Mali to Mauritania and Burkina Faso, where a second caravan from Algérie to Niger will join, to celebrate together the 3 days of festival in the desert. Check the site for the finalized program.

These criminal fascist rebels has to be stopped before it’s too late.

Unite for Peace, Tolerance and Human Dignity!


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