Iris II

Now here’s quite an interesting project.
This is Iris II. She was built in Nynäshamn, Sweden, in 1905 as an archipelago racer. She is approximately 12m long, 2.7 wide, 1.8 deep. Her planking is native pine ( of some description!) on a combination of oak and steel ribs. Her deck beams and planking is also a very resinous pine. The stem, stern-post and hog is oak. She has a mahogany cabin roof, sides, cockpit, covering-boards and kingplank.
She is lightly built for racing with long overhangs. Flat spoon bow and long flat run on her stern… Not a comfortable boat in a seaway, but potentially fast and well suited to the swedish archipelago she was built for.
She was built with a gaff rig – but never carrying a top-sail as the rule did not allow it. but as mentioned earlier has been re-rigged at least twice. She now carries a classic Marconi-rig from a 55sqm Skerry Cruiser. Her rig is better suited to cruising today.

Here she is, second from the right, off Sandhamn in 1906 with the original gaff rig.

For more info, pictures and to fallow the project go to the website/work log-blog:
The restoration of an old lady.


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