Götheborg done sailing?

Stern view of Götheborg
At the turn of the year, the Swedish East indian company (SOIC) turned over the financial responsibility of the ship Götheborg to the city of Göteborg. After the voyage to China the collection drive that funded the trip was canceled after reaching its goal. To continue to sail the ship a foundation was formed in 2007.
The economical commitments that the foundation had from partners and founders ended at the turn of the year and according to their constitution the assets – the ship – is going to be turned over to the city.
Now it’s up to the city of Göteborg and the region of Västra Götaland to decide what  to do with the ship. Yesterday, Wednesday 19 January, the politicians was going to decide about the future of the ship, but after discussions it was postponed without any settlement.

Hearts on the mainstayAfter assessments from the SOIC board of directors, there are two – what they call – realistic possibilities for the future of the ship.
The board concludes that Götheborg is going to be able to sail for another three years without any major refit. The cost for keeping her sailable (including crew) is ten million swedish crowns per year.
If she will sail again then the city of Göteborg has to put 20 million, and if they do so the region will put the last ten million. However, this is only the “basic costs”, to keep the ship ready to sail. Any expeditions has to be funded elsewhere.

If the politicians decide this is not a good option, well then there’s the other alternative. That is to dismantle SOIC’s operations already under 2011.
What the city will do with her, either 2014 or this year, is yet to be decided. The suggestions are to turn her into a museum ship, either hauled out, or somewhere on the river – and she will become a landmark of the city.

A landmark of the city
That is nothing more than a pity

It’s a ship, not a statue.

Lion figure head of the GötheborgRight now there are apparently 20 invitations to the ship from different cities around the world. These includes London, for the 2012 summer olympics and a trip over the pond to, amongst other things, take part in the 375th anniversary of Kalmar Nyckel’s first arrival in Wilmington, 1638. If so, that will be in 2013, with start of the voyage in autumn, 2012. Sounds like a plan to me.

The board of directors says she is most likely done sailing in 2014 because of the extensive refit she will have to go through, and a new rig is mentioned here. They see the possibilities for getting this and any further expeditions funded as very slim.

För de svensktalande finns beslutsunderlaget här.


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