Picture of the day

A sailing canoe on a Canadian riverThis is just an awesome photograph.
On their way home after a day on the river, these bon vivants are letting their white triangular sail do the work for them. It’s a lush summer evening and the sun is slowly dropping, putting the surroundings in a dim red and gold glimmer. There is just enough breeze to catch it, after a touch with the paddle she goes slow but slick through the water. A bluejay flies heavily over the river while a woodpecker gently taps the bark of a big oak over yonder. Further up is a beaver out swimming along. A big, dark brown – almost black – beaver is wagging down the riverbed, ready for a swim in the luke warm water. It’s big. Like a medium sized dog. And quite furry. But look at that size. It goes in the drink. Swims halfway out before it sees the canoe and in panic dives under the surface with a big smack on the water with the flat tail.
Flies and mosquitoes are swarming the surface, a dangerous play where many are ending up as dinner for somebody down below. Splash and gone.
Steering clear from some beaver debris. Their teeth have been everywhere, clearing trees, peeling bark, started somewhere but left for a juicier trunk. Look they cut down every one of those big fat tree’s. What an incredible animal. Biting it’s way through the world. There comes one swimming. Ah, it went under.
Look at that buzzard over there. The way it’s sitting on that very high branch curving out over the water, what a view it got. Waiting around for something to die. A squirrel makes more sound then a big deer in the forest, disappears ridiculously fast over the forest floor, flying like an arrow with it’s furry tail for balance.
The night is coming quickly now, let’s see if we can make it to Bare Ass Bend before the dark falls.


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